Welcome to Bieffe and over 50 years of history.

ln 1953 Bruno Ferrarese, a talented italian engineer invented the first drafting table which combined angle and height adjustment in a single synchronous movement. Mr Ferrarese had spotted a real need in the market which was rewarded with immediate success.
Within a few years Bieffe - a phonetic Italian pronunciation of the founders initials - became the market leader in drawing office furniture.
Today, more than 50 years later, Bieffe is sold in over 45 countries and is also exhibited in 12 international museums (including the New York Museum of Modern Art) recognising Bieffe's synergy of form and function.

This web site continues the Bieffe Design philosophy. Our objective is to be sufficiently flexible to adapt our production to meet the ever increasing demands of an exacting market, whilst maintaining the high quality standards which have made Bieffe a globally respected name.
These criteria continue to ensure that Bieffe is the only serious choice for the designer or draftsman whether for commercial, education or home applications.